Established in 1983, the NAPA AUTOPRO banner program offers independent automotive repair shops the opportunity to compete with major automobile maintenance and repair chains through the program’s numerous competitive advantages, including local, regional, and national advertising programs, marketing support, customer loyalty resources, and privileged access to the best in training. Plus, as of February 2002, NAPA AUTOPRO franchisees also benefit from top-quality Web presence at

AUTOPRO Collision

Launched in the spring of 1994, the AUTOPRO Collision banner program was designed to encourage the growth of independent bodyshops in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The program addresses today’s specific market needs and equips franchisees with marketing support, advertising programs that reach local, regional, and national audiences, with customer loyalty tools, and with top bodyshop training. Plus, as of February 2002, AUTOPRO Collision franchisees also benefit from top-quality Web presence at

NAPA Autocare

The NAPA AUTOCARE banner program is for automotive repair shops seeking a form of association that brings them more visibility and notoriety, all while maintaining control over their activities. By becoming associated with the NAPA network, the NAPA AUTOCARE members join the largest independent automotive service and repair network in North America. They also enjoy numerous benefits such as the NAPA parts and labour warranty, access to the NAPA PROLink electronic catalogue and the NAPA Loyalty Club reward program.

NAPA Certified Bodyshop

The NAPA Certified Bodyshop banner program is intended for small and medium bodyshops who want the advantages of a large network while still developing their own marketing strategies. As part of the NAPA network, they receive all the resources they need to increase their visibility and notoriety (NAPA quality parts, marketing and advertising support, training and professional identification).

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