Auto Parts Division

The Largest Canadian Distribution Network of Vehicle Replacement Parts

Our Network

The Auto Parts Division network is made up of automotive parts and accessories stores, paint and body product stores, and automotive repair and maintenance centres. It includes 9 distribution centres, nearly 600 NAPA Auto Parts stores across Canada, over 50 NAPA CMAX Paint and Body Shop Supply Stores, 650 NAPA AUTOPRO Service Centres, over 1,100 NAPA AutoCare Service Centres… and 90 years of history!

Our Brand

NAPA is the most recognized auto-parts brand in North America. Our brand is synonymous with trust, professionalism and tradition — a reputation other automotive part suppliers can’t beat.

At the Forefront of the Industry

Established in the United States and Canada over 90 years ago, NAPA has skyrocketed to the top of its industry. Today, NAPA is an economic driver in North America, with resources and know-how to support end-users and professional repair and service shops across the continent.

NAPA Auto Parts

600 NAPA Auto Parts stores offer expert advice and over 400,000 automobile replacement parts, as well as accessories, tools, equipment, products and quality services to a variety of customers, including repair shops, fleet operators, automobile owners, professional mechanics, and do-it-yourselfers.

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NAPA Auto Parts


Over 50 NAPA CMAX stores have equipment, products, and paint as well as on-site specialists to provide advice to customers from collision repair shops and fleet operators, to end-users.

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Established in 1983, the NAPA AUTOPRO banner includes 650 service centres across Canada and is the most recognized in the industry, thanks to its expert technicians, quality service and warranty programs.


NAPA AutoCare

With some 11,000 members, including 1,100 in Canada, the NAPA AutoCare network is recognized as the largest network of independent automotive maintenance and repair shops in North America.

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NAPA AutoCare

Our Executive Team

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