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UAP freshens up its image

6 May 2021

This year, as it celebrates its 95th anniversary, UAP is proud to unveil its new logo and the new visual signature of its Heavy Vehicle Parts Division.

UAP’s logo, a symbol of the company’s long-standing tradition of excellence, now boasts clean, modern lines but has all the presence and impact of the original. “As the heart of a Canada-wide network of stores, distribution centres, and service centres, UAP’s logo is evolving today so that it may continue to convey the leadership the company has shown since it was founded in 1926,” says Éric Dufresne, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at UAP.

In addition, UAP’s Heavy Vehicle Parts Division has been given a simpler name and more streamlined design. It will now be known as UAP – Heavy Vehicles.

UAP’s new logo was created by Réservoir, the agency behind NAPA Auto Parts and NAPA AUTOPRO ad campaigns since 2017.

Click here to watch a short video on the evolution of UAP’s logo since 1926.

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Éric Dufresne
Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications
Tel.: 514-251-6540, ext. 7205
Cell: 514-805-1435